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Maintenance Notice: Please note this website is currently undergoing maintenance. New registrations are not being accepted. Existing accounts can continue to post. For an updated list of University events, please visit: www.utoronto.ca/events.

Request Posting Privileges

Anyone with a valid UTORid is eligible to be a user of the online events calendar. Group administrator privileges will be reviewed by the events calendar administrator and other communications officers before they are approved. Both users and administrators may submit events to the calendar.

Users who request group administrator access must include the category or categories for which they would like to administer events. Group administrators are expected to review submitted events in their category to ensure they meet the criteria for posting to the calendar. Satisfactory events should be approved and posted within 48 hours of receiving the request.

To request access, plesae send an email to events[at]utoronto[dot]ca with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your email
  • Your UTORid
  • Status at U of T(i.e., student, staff or faculty)
  • Sponsor and name of supervisor (i.e., the department or group on behalf of which the person will be posting)
  • Event categories for access

Usage policy

The calendar is a publicly available list of upcoming and current University events. Individuals are welcome to reference events posted on the calendar, but should be aware that accuracy of information is not guaranteed. The University is not responsible for any inconveniences that result from inaccurately posted information.

Posting to the events calendar

The U of T events calendar is a service for publicizing University-sponsored events. All members of the University community are encouraged to submit events to be posted on the events calendar. Once submitted, events are reviewed and posted by an authorized event publisher.

The University reserves the right to remove or edit an event posting if it contains insufficient or inappropriate information. The University also reserves the right to revoke a user's posting privileges if the user is found in violation of the Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology Policy.

Submitting events to be published

All individuals affiliated with the University of Toronto who hold an active UTORid may submit events to be published in the calendar. Events will be published once they are approved by an authorized event publisher. Because the calendar is a service for the entire University, it is necessary for event publishers to review information before it is made publicly available.

There is no guarantee that a submitted event will get posted immediately, so it is strongly recommended that users submit events well in advance to ensure timely posting. Missing or inadequate information may delay the posting of an event, so users should take care to submit complete and accurate information about their events.

Becoming a recognized event publisher

Authorized event publishers review and post events submitted by members of the University community. If you would like a member of your area, department, or group to have posting privileges for the online events calendar, you can apply via Request Posting Privileges. The prospective event publisher will need to submit the following information:

  • Full name
  • Your email
  • UTORid
  • Status at U of T
    • i.e., student, staff or faculty
  • Sponsor and name of supervisor
    • i.e., the department or group on behalf of which the person will be posting
  • Event categories for access

Criteria for approving or rejecting events for publication

Event publishers will check submitted events against a set of criteria for posting. Criteria for rejecting an event for publishing include:

  • Events not affiliated with the University or not sponsored by a department, division, or recognized group at the University.
  • Events that represent a violation of any of the University policies as approved by Governing Council.

Information should be submitted to the events calendar administrator via the 'Request Posting Privileges' link from the events calendar website.

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