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TATP: Strategies and Techniques for Effective Grading in the Sciences & EngineeringPrinter Friendly

Feb 06, 10 am - 12 pm

Leanne De Souza, TATP Sciences Trainer
Sandra Campeanu, TATP Sciences Trainer

Grading is central to teaching and serves as a form of feedback to students and instructors. Graded work informs learners and teachers about the effectiveness of learning goals and teaching goals. Most teaching appointments require grading as a primary duty or as part of other classroom duties. In the sciences, items for evaluation can include tutorial assignments, written lab experiments, scientific papers, and short answer tests.

Learning to grade effectively is especially important in the sciences as various skills, proficiencies and conceptual underpinnings of course material, are captured through the evaluation process. Therefore, in order to obtain pedagogical and learner-centered value from graded work, feedback must be meaningful and useful such that it helps students build on skills and learn from mistakes. In this workshop, participants will learn strategies for efficient grading, how to deliver meaningful feedback and recognize feedback that is formative. We will also discuss managing grading workloads and grading disputes.

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    On Campus Address
    St. George
    Robarts Library, 4th floor
    Blackburn Room
    Contact Information
    Teaching Assistants' Training Program
    416-946-3139 ext.
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    Please contact the event contact person.
    Intended Audience
    Graduate Students
    Event Sponsor
    CTSI: Graduate Students
    Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation

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