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TATP: Turning "conflict" into collaboration: Effective teaching strategies for outside the classroom Printer Friendly

Feb 05, 2 - 4 pm

Erin Vearncombe, TATP Humanities Trainer
Sandra Campeanu, TATP Sciences Trainer

Research in student engagement demonstrates that undergraduates value their relationships with TAs very highly, and that interaction with students outside of the classroom is key to engaging students in specific disciplines. Individual consultations with students, often during office hours, can present a variety of situations. Even situations of potential conflict – grade disputes, challenges to TA or course instructor authority, issues between students, managing student stress, etc. – can be turned into positive opportunities for discussion, reflection and growth. This workshop will focus on developing concrete methods for navigating difficult or disruptive relationships between students, TAs and/or course instructors. Facilitators and attendees will work through a series of case studies with the goals of effectively diagnosing “problem” situations and of turning consultations or “conflicts” into positive opportunities for teaching. Active participation is essential to this workshop’s success, so please come prepared to contribute!

    Event Details

    On Campus Address
    St. George
    Robarts Library, 4th floor
    Blackburn Room
    Contact Information
    Teaching Assistants' Training Program
    416-946-3139 ext.
    Admission Price
    Please contact the event contact person.
    Intended Audience
    Graduate Students
    Event Sponsor
    CTSI: Graduate Students
    Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation

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